Industrial Revolution in Ondo State through the Ondo Industrial Park.


Amudipe Marcus


Stable power, land availability, access to raw materials and security are some of the major challenges militating against the growth of industrialization in Nigeria, the unavailability of these listed factors has in no small measure contributed to the failure of many states in Nigeria to successfully transform their respective economies from a civil service outlook to a growing industrial outfit.

Identifying the need to fully transform Ondo State to an emerging industrial giants, ushering a new wave of economic growth and sustenance amongst it contemporaries in Nigeria, the Ondo State Government in continuation of its laudable industrial drive has created the Ore Industrial Park ; the Ore Industrial Park is a Public-Private Partnership[PPP] between Ondo State government and Hessmac Industry Limited, established on a massive 1000 hectares of eco-friendly, economic and industrially zoned land.

Offering to both already established business outfits as well as budding business outfits, the labor Market and the entire populace several businesses driven advantage as listed below-

  1. The OIP is designed to provide a world class infrastructure and ultra-fast operational efficiency, proximity to raw materials and target markets, uninterrupted power supply, easy access to gas with EPL gas pipeline and adequate security.
  2. The industrial park is an integral industrial facility offering quality service and an enabling business service environment stimulated with ultra-modern facilities and infrastructure.
  • It is strategically positioned to become one of the nation’s premier economic industrial zone.
  1. The 1,000 hectares [10,000,000 square-meter] facility, is a joint venture development designed as a global standard industrial park with mixed-use development encompassing industrial purposes, as well as residential and commercial uses, to meet the increasing demand for a cost-competitive industrial zone in Nigeria.
  2. The park has its own installed 30MW trio-fuel independent power Plant dedicated to providing power within the park.
  3. The Ore Industrial Park has the capacity to employ not less than 120,000 workforces within twelve years at the park.
  • It also has some planned recreational areas with other facilities.
  • The Ore Industrial Park has a well secured perimeter with the presence of over 500 security agents located within and outside the facilities.
  1. There is a high demand for raw materials and this provides farmers the chance to tap immensely into this window, the OIP is well located and easily accessible for them to supply the various raw materials needed at the facility.

With the aforementioned, the Ore Industrial Park provides the general public the opportunity to become a master of their destiny by tapping into the numerous benefits that the facility has to offer, the OIP was created by the Akeredolu led administration in order to eradicate poverty, improve the standard of living, boost wealth creation, unleash the nation’s industrial potential, build reputation for Nigeria in technology and industrialization.

Presently, there are about six companies which are currently on ground running while another more companies will soon start working at the park. Hessmac also concentrated clusters which drives micro economy and make the youths self-dependent as studies shows it will initiate more than 40,000 jobs in the next five years, rendering services reaching out to a large percentage of people at a time and business can strive conveniently without struggling.

The Ore Industrial Park is made accessible to all because the government is more interested in giving opportunities to its people and also business minded thereby gaining more for the state. In the words of the managing director of the Ondo Industrial Park, Femi Akinkuebi, “As much as we are interested in foreign investors, we can’t forget our people, this necessitate our approach to encourage both local and international companies”



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